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Max's Amazin' Home Fries

3 pounds, or amount of your choice, of organic spuds. 

1 large organic red onion. 

6 cloves of organic garlic. 

Olive oil.

Wash, but don't peel the potatoes and cut into approximately 1/8th  slices.

Peel, slice and chop the red onion.

Peel, crush and chop the garlic. 

Add enough olive oil to cover the bottom of the pan and add a thick layer of spuds, then a layer of onions and a sprinkle of olive oil and repeat. Do not add the garlic till the last few moments before you serve otherwise it'll burn. 

Cover the pan and sauté on high heat for approximately 3 minutes to pre soften the potatoes, then uncover and turn down to medium. Continue to cook, stirring the mixture every few minutes until everything begins turn dark and crunchy. Just before you serve, add the garlic and toss well to ensure it's cooked, then serve.


These will be by far your most popular spuds so makes lots, you'll be glad you did. They're also great straight from the fridge, or reheated the next day in some organic, unsalted butter and served with fried eggs.





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