Get Yer Mental Right And Take Control Of Your Life

Organic Farfalle & Broccoli Sauce
Organic Stuffed Green Pepper
Organic Black Bean Burger
Organic Life Changing Vegetable Soup
Organic Creamed Spinach_edited
Organic Linguine & Crimini Mushrooms
Organic Tofu With Crimini Mushrooms
Organic Smoked Mozzarella Capreses
Organic Smoked Mozzarella Caprese
Organic Anglehair & Peeled Tomato Marinara_edited
Organic Red Pepper & Black Beans
Organic Egg On Chipotle Mash
Organic Chipotle Mash Patties
Max's Bangin' Brunch
Max's Organic Spuds
Organic Maple Blueberry Scones
Maple Raisin Loaf_edited
Organic Raisin Butter Scones
Organic Apple Marzipan Pie
Organic Pear Maple Tart
Organic No Sodium Tiramisu
Organic Chocolate Maple Coconut
Organic Blueberry Scones
Organic Plum Marzipan Tart
Max's NO SALT Rustic Loaf
Rustic Bread Sliced
Max's NO SALT Rustic Rolls
Max's Organic NO SALT Bread
Max's Organic NO SALT bread
Max's Ultra Low Sodium Olive Bread
Maple Raisin Butter Loaf

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There's a war going on between you, the consumer, and Big Food. Salt and processed sugar are in everything, and incredibly addictive. We all know that craving; I certainly do. More than 1 in 5 Americans are clinically obese and the rate is exploding. 


The average American ingests almost 3,900 milligrams of salt daily; that's over twice the FDA recomended intake, and around 156 pounds of sugar per year. Take a moment and think about that. If you suffer from obesity, any type of sodium or sugar related health condition, high blood pressure, Ménière's disease (dizzy spells), or are just sick and tired of being sick and tired, you came to the right place. 


You have to get your mental right


Diets Are Nonsense. Why? Because they don't work. The word diet automatically sets you up for failure. It's not your fault. It's what we've all been taught since childhood, and the diet industry is making billions off your misery. Instead, you have to readjust your thinking to a life style change. Clean, healthy, life sustaining, organic, salt and processed sugar free power food.


We encourage you to peruse our organic, No Salt Or Processed Sugar recipes, and download as many as you like. You can submit your own, even videos, and once we've done a live test and it's approved, we'll upload it. Happy eating and feeling better every day!