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Max Myers

Thanks for visiting Yippee Ki Yay Foods, producers of America's first, truly organic, fresh chipotle sauce, and our delicious Victory Vegan Snack Bars.


It took me three years of testing to create this incredible chipotle sauce without adding salt or processed sugar. And our new product, Victory Vegan Snack Bars, took almost 2 years of R&D to get the recipe just right. 


Our proprietary Yippee Ki Yay Chipotle isn't made or tastes like other hot sauces. You can't squeeze or pour it from a bottle; you have to spoon out our thick, chunky, smoky, big bold flavorful sauce.


Use it on burgers, fish, meat. In soup, stew, chili. Spread a little on your sandwich and explode your taste experience. Spice up your pasta sauce. Dip your deep fried mozzarella or zucchini sticks. Spread it on your pizza. Use it as a crudités dip. Mix it with cream cheese. Mix it with hummus. Mix it with sour cream for an incredible cracker or nacho dip. Mix two tablespoons of chipotle, with one of olive oil for the best tasting salad dressing you've ever had. 

Cowboy Joe and Lady Lemon are so versatile, that you're only limited by your imagination. 

Make your favorite, send us a photo and we'll include it on our customers favorite recipes page, plus we'll give you 10% off your next order. 

Oh yeah, Max is also an award winning writer and filmmaker.

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Matt O'Neill

Matt O’Neill is an award winning actor, producer, filmmaker and excellent cook.

He brings the same dedication to his creative work with Yippee Ki Yay Foods, as he has over numerous stage and screen performances.


Prior to his career in entertainment, Matt worked for many years in the food service industry. He also ran a small side business baking & selling fresh,             organic, gluten free muffins and quick breads to different cafe's in Los Angeles. From dishwasher, to busboy, to grill cook, line cook, pizza chef, server, bartender, certified baker, managing three restaurants, as well as being an avid home chef, he brings his extensive knowledge and pallet for quality to Yippee Ki Yay Chipotle.

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