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Wild Caught Cod, Homestyle Buttery Mash And Mushrooms

Wild Caught True Cod And Home-style Buttery Mash


2 pieces of center cut cod.

2 pounds of organic spuds, variety of your choice.

2 cups of organic peas.

1 packet of Crimini mushrooms.

Organic flour for coating.

1 stick of organic unsalted butter.

Organic dried dill.

Cracked pepper.


Wash the spuds, leaving on the skin, cutting them into quarters. Boil until fork soft, but not falling apart, about 10 minutes.

Wash and slice the mushrooms.

Place your peas into a small sauce pan, preferably with a steamer basket in it, or if not, then simmer on a medium heat.

As they’re cooking, sprinkle the dill onto the fish and crack on pepper to taste. Dip it in the flour making sure it’s coated all over.

Using high heat, melt a half stick of the butter in a frying pan, or less if you prefer, but remember that flour is very absorbent. Gently place the 2 pieces of cod in the pan. Cook for 3 minutes per side, but don’t be tempted to move the fish around. Yes, some of the flour might stick, but that’s okay. It all adds to the amazing flavor and texture.

While the fish is sautéing on the first side, slice in the rest of the butter onto the boiled spuds and mash quickly. Add a dash of whole milk or organic, unsweetened almond milk if you prefer to use slightly less butter and cover.

Add the sliced mushrooms into a preheated pan of melted butter or olive oil, about two tablespoons of either. Sauté on medium heat but keep the lid on because you don't want the moisture to be lost. 

Plate the fish, adding the peas, mushrooms and mash. Now all those good scrapings that are left in the fish pan, scoop them onto the fish and serve.


Hearty, delicious and very tasty.

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