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Organic Smoked Mozarella Caprese

This caprese salad is so darn good, I always have to make two servings for each person. 

2 balls of smoked mozzarella. Organic is impossible to find, but, it's incredibly delicious. There is organic available on the internet, but it's block cheese and for me, aesthetics matter. 

1 carton of organic basil. I use Trader Joe’s. Great value and always fresh.

3 large, organic, ripe, tomatoes.

Organic olives in water.

Organic capers.

Trader Joe’s organic, garlic infused, olive oil.

Herbes de provence.


Wash and pat dry the basil, setting it to one side on paper towels.

Wash and dry the tomatoes, slice them about a ¼ thick, and lay them onto a plate, about 8 slices.

Cut the mozzarella, about the same thickness, laying one on top of each prepared tomato.

Because smoked is such a strong flavor, add a full leaf of basil to each one. If you’re using non-smoked mozzarella, slice the basil into 1/8” strips, otherwise you’ll overpower the delicate cheese flavor.

Add capers, as many or as few as you like.

Slice the olives, or drop on pre sliced, as many or as few as your palette craves.

Drizzle on garlic infused olive oil.

Do the same with balsamic vinegar.

Crack on black pepper.

Finish with a fine sprinkle of herbes de provence.


Now, here’s the key: cover it with plastic wrap but do not put it into the fridge. Don’t worry, the vinegar acts as a preservative, but more importantly you want the flavors to marinate over the next few hours. Plus, tomatoes can become mealy if you refrigerate them.


Serve this and your guests will be as Oliver Twist, “Please sir, I want some more.”

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