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Organic Peeled Tomatoes With Angel Hair Pasta

This is fast, easy and an amazingly delicious meal. 30 mgs of sodium per serving of peeled tomatoes. 

I use exclusively Montebello Organic Pasta from Italy, sold at Whole Foods and all fine grocery stores, plus, it’s not expensive. Bellissimo!


2 servings of Montebello Organic Angel Hair, or variety of your choice.

1 jar of organic peeled tomatoes. I use exclusively Jovial from Italy.

3 organic garlic cloves.

¼ teaspoon of organic herbes de provence.


Peel, crush and dice 3 garlic cloves.


Fill a large pot to a safe level, about 2 inches below the top, with filtered or bottled water. Bring it to a boil, add a dash of olive oil, and carefully place the pasta into the water.

Approximately five minutes before the pasta’s done, heat a large skillet on high, add two tablespoons of olive oil; I love Trader Joe’s, organic, garlic infused, toss in the herbes de provence and sauté for about thirty seconds. Drop in the garlic and cook for another thirty seconds, add the peeled tomatoes, and cook for another three minutes, turn off and cover.


As the tomatoes are cooking, drain the pasta and using tongs, lay it onto the plate. Using a soup ladle, scoop up a full serving of the tomatoes and gently place on top of the pasta. Sprinkle with parmigiano, crack on black pepper and enjoy this delicious, easy meal. A fantastic garnish is fresh, organic basil. You don’t need much, so please use it sparingly.




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