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Pan Fried Organic Chipotle Mash

These are without a doubt my favorite mashed spuds. They’re incredibly delicious, so easy to make, and will add a South of the Border treat to your brunch.


2 pounds of washed, organic spuds, variety of your choice.

¾ stick of organic, unsalted butter.

Organic, garlic infused, olive oil.

2 tablespoons of Max’s organic, no added salt, no processed sugar, smoky chipotle sauce.

Wash the spuds, leaving on the skin, cutting them into quarters. Boil until fork soft, but not falling apart, about 10 minutes. Drain and place into a bowl. Slice in the butter, add my chipotle sauce and mash quickly, adding a dash of whole milk if you prefer to use slightly less butter. For 2 pounds of potatoes, I’ll use half a stick or sometimes more. The great thing is that there’s no right or wrong amount. It’s all personal preference. Same with the chipotle sauce; depends on how far South of the Border you want to go!


Cover a cutting board with parchment paper and using a spatula, scoop out enough to make 3 patties and once they’ve cooled down, form them in much the same way as you would my black bean burger.


In a skillet, add a mixture of organic, unsalted butter and garlic infused olive oil, and sauté on the low side of a medium heat. Because of the consistency of mashed potatoes, it takes time for the heat to penetrate and form the wonderful, crunchy crust. Plate and add you fried or poached egg.


One patty and fried egg is ample, washed down with your favorite beverage. Damn tasty and very filling.

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