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Wild Caught Blue Crab Cakes With Yippee Ki Yay Lady Lemon Chipotle Aioli Sauce

1 can of Trader Joe’s wild caught, claw crabmeat.

2 table spoons of organic breadcrumbs.

1 tablespoon of organic, unbleached white flour (optional).

1 tablespoon of organic white wine vinegar.

1 tablespoon of organic lemon juice.

1 organic, ethically raised, cage free egg.

Cracked pepper.

Organic, garlic infused olive oil.


Place the crabmeat into a large bowl and mash it with your hand or implement of your choice, making sure all of it is no longer claw shaped. Simply add the rest of the ingredients in any order you like and combine until well blended. Form the mixture into patties and sauté on medium heat until golden brown, approximately three to five minutes. Carefully flip them over and repeat.


As they’re cooking, prep the aioli sauce using a fifty/fifty mixture of my organic, chunky chipotle sauce and Vegenaise, made by Follow Your Heart, available from Whole Foods and fine stores everywhere. It’s not expensive, and one tablespoon has only 70 mgs of sodium and no sugar.


Serve with a salad, or side of your choice. Delicious, ultra low sodium and so good for you.

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